Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

by Broward Solar

Browardsolar2 Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

Naturally, many of us might not go near the pool during the winter months, even if the pool is heated. The air temperature is just too cold for pleasant swimming much of the time. On the other hand, Florida’s typical winter weather pattern—alternating cold fronts and mild temperatures—means there can be periodic three to five day stretches of pleasant weather here even during the winter.

If you own a Pool – Solar Pool Heaters Make Good Financial Sense
“A solar pool heater could pay for itself quite quickly. One homeowner told us … that while living in Florida he spent about $200 a month heating his pool and Jacuzzi. He took the plunge and bought a solar pool heater … and after two years it paid for itself.”

A Solar Water Heating System can eliminate about one third of your annual electric bill.  Solar energy is predictable and socially responsible.  Solar Pool Heating Systems produce no pollution and are the most economical and environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool.

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Broward Solar knows that not just one type of solar heating system is right for every situation.  We have years of hands on experience to know which technologies and systems are practical and which tend to be troublesome. So contact us today!

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